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HP Approved Selection allows you to profit from circular IT on the quality level expected from the HP brand.

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Why HP Approved Selection

HP Approved Selection represents a circular brand that eliminates any doubts about refurbished products. Thanks to extensive testing (cosmetic as well as functional) we can guarantee the best possible user experience expected of HP products.

The benefits of HP Approved Selection

Circular economy

HP Approved Selection allows end-users and businesses to contribute to the circular economy on a large and a small scale, without compromising on performance.

Quality assurance

HP's quality assurance, together with the sustainable (and financial) benefits of circular hardware, ensures that the transition to circular IT is available for everyone.

Environmental footprint

HP Approved Selection by Flex IT helps reduce companies' environmental footprint and save on valuable raw materials.

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Our product range

Our HP Approved Selection Products

ProBook 650 G5

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EliteBook 840 G5

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EliteDesk 800 G4 Mini

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Probook 450 G8

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ProBook 650 G8

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EliteBook 850 G8

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EliteBook 840 G8

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EliteBook 840 G6

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Powerful security you can trust.

Windows 10 has built-in security for your data, devices and staff, which allows you to protect business information and personal identities, even on lost or stolen devices.

Guaranteed security with Windows

All HP Approved Selection products come with an authentic Windows 10 Pro license. Windows 10 is designed specifically to maximise security.

Dutch IT Channel Talkshow about HP Approved Selection

Watch the Dutch IT Talkshow about HP Approved Selection with Christina Geierlehner (HP) and Werner Mars (Flex IT)


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