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A strategic alliance for the hardware of tomorrow.

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Collaborative Innovation

Stepping into the future requires strong alliances, and at Flex IT, we understand the value of collaborative innovation. That's why our partnership with HP is more than just an agreement—it's a testament to our mutual vision of bringing the best technological solutions to our customers.

The layers of our collaboration

Explore our different collaborations with HP

HP Approved Selection

HP Approved Selection refers to a circular IT program from Flex IT, HP & Microsoft that offers high-quality, certified refurbished HP products. These products undergo a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure they meet the same stringent standards as new HP products.

Buyback & Trade-In Initiative

Progress shouldn’t mean leaving the old behind. If you’re looking to upgrade, our collaboration offers valuable trade-ins for your previous devices, ensuring continuous value and effortless transitions.

HP "Guaranteed" Buyback

The beauty of technology lies not just in its present capabilities but also in its potential for the future. With Flex IT’s “Guaranteed” Buyback program, we present a vision where your tech investment today holds a promise for tomorrow.

Rental – (Short Lease HaaS) Solutions

The dynamic nature of businesses today requires adaptability. Our partnership ensures you have access to the latest HP devices for your short-term projects or unique requirements without the need for long-term investments. It’s all about flexibility and immediacy.

HP Wrapping Service

In a world where we send, receive, and relocate tech more frequently than ever before, ensuring your devices remain pristine during transit is paramount. Dive into our Wrapping Service—a premium offering that wraps your tech in layers of care and precision.

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