Why choose circular IT?

Joining the circular economy is the most sustainable step a company can take. Circular IT ensures this step is available to anyone.

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What is circular IT?

Circular IT focuses on the best way to employ and reuse hardware products like laptops and phones in the different parts of the production chain: from gathering parts to complete reuse.

Because of a growing population and increasing wealth around the world, raw materials are on the verge of becoming scarce. This means it's even more important to use the available products and parts as efficiently as possible. This also provides businesses with new opportunities: new markets, more collaboration en less raw materials waste.

What are the benefits of circular IT?

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Circular IT's quality has increased dramatically over the last several years. Thanks to the implementation of structured production processes and quality controls, we are so sure of the quality that we offer a multiple-year warranty for the product.

We could tell you our products work well, but we could also show you a demonstration. Request a demo now and discover the benefits of circular IT with the HP Approved Selection by Flex IT.

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Circular IT is the future

Circular IT comes with many benefits for both people and the environment. Implementing a sustainable IT strategy will become inevitable for business. The use of circular IT is extremely suited to this. Read more about the benefits of circular IT in our whitepaper.

HP and Flex IT strive towards positive, permanent change

We're working on circular solutions to create value and eliminate waste in all phases of our value chain. From sourcing, product design and service based business models to end-of-service solutions. Circular transformations will redefine our businesses and how our customers work.

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